Yummy Bites Lunch Time Indulgence- Visit Verf’s Grill & Tavern

Yummy Bites Lunch Time Indulgence- Visit Verf’s Grill & Tavern

By MMG Staff

Recently, we had the fortune of having a Friday off and decided to have lunch at a local eatery. It was a beautiful day in May and we were set on enjoying the sun. Now there many places that offer a great lunch menu and a nice patio, however Verf’s has an outstanding covered patio that lets you enjoy the sunshine without being baked. Needless to say, we chose Verf’s since some of us are a tad on the pasty side.

It was not our first time at Verf’s but it was our first time during the lunch hour so we were excited to try their lunch menu. Seriously, if you have not tried “The Bread” at Verf’s you have not lived. It’s a scored round artesian bread filled with mozzarella, green onions, poppy seeds and roasted garlic butter that is baked until crispy and heavenly. Our fitness contributor would be ashamed to know we didn’t even hesitate to chow down on this carb-heavy delicacy. He’ll probably be sure to give us “extra attention” when we visit bootcamp after reading this article.

After finishing off “The Bread” with much gusto we ordered the Seafood Trio Sliders as an appetizer. Now the sliders don’t come on your standard burger bun, for the humble bun is not worthy of enveloping Verf’s delicious seafood. No, dear readers, these sliders came on pita bread. The trio consisted of fried shrimp, pecan salmon, and a bacon wrapped scallop. All were topped with a spicy cream sauce and served with a side of jicama slaw. Again, we didn’t come up for air until it was all gone.

To continue with our lunch date we ordered the Pot Roast Hoagie. It was served with buttermilk fried onions and a side of pan gravy to dip. The meat was tender and so juicy we had to keep asking for a few more napkins to keep from embarrassing ourselves. We made sure to dip our sandwich frequently as that pan gravy deserved to be devoured.

We’re going to devote a whole paragraph to a side dish: the Crispy Au Gratin Potatoes. Now we don’t know what sort of magic is going on over in the kitchen, all we know is that our potatoes were served to us as a fried triangle. When we cut into it with a fork it revealed to us a creamy and cheesy center. There is nothing better than cheese covered potato slices. A legit squabble erupted at our table over just who had jurisdiction over the potatoes. In the end the person who ordered the potatoes in the first place won. There was no amount of begging that could convince her to share. Not that we could blame her.

Would it have been easier to order another side? Yes. Had we not been so full from bread, sliders and a hoagie, we most certainly would have.


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