Your Greatest Contributions

Your Greatest Contributions

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I recently heard it said, “Your greatest contribution may not be something you do, but someone you raise.”

In this time of the year to appreciate those that raised us, I reflect on parenting as the epitome of compassion, hard work and determination. As parents, we give up our own sleep deprivation, time and money to our off-spring. I can now candidly recall moments in my upbringing that my parents sacrificed for me and to which I am eternally grateful and pray that I am leaving the same legacy on my own boys. Growing up, my mother was the steady. I always knew she’d drop everything for a field trip, a playdate, to cuddle when I was sick or to provide an empathetic ear during those very awkward teenage years. From party planning to vacation planning, she never failed to impress me with her management skills. My Dad tended to always project a tough emotionless exterior, but the minute he knew I needed something, he came home early to provide. I am truly blessed to be the daughter of a grounded, loving, set of parents.

We can now laugh together as I have reached an age where little ‘secrets’ from growing up are finally being discussed with candidness and humor! However, those moments do come with a few exceptions … those ‘taboo topics’ that are never-ever discussed openly with your ‘creators’. You see, there’s a fine line between being relaxed and open with parents as adult children yet supremely uncomfortable and respectful. I do still want my parents to walk with me through my journey, however as an adult child, I do not expect them to carve my path … simply celebrate my successes and support me during my challenges. Like my own children, I know that I am 100% unique and the last edition of my kind, so comparing to peers is never a grand idea.

Unbeknownst to them, the most significant blessing my parents gave me was to challenge me to look at my greatest gifts, determine what stirs and also breaks my heart to identify my passions. I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and has caused some pretty impactful heartache, however it has led me to the intersection of purpose and skill. I believe in surrounding yourself with like-minded circles of influence which will further shape and determine the direction of my life and ‘stay in my lane’. As an adult-child and a parent to young boys, the biggest impact and legacy is to be a human-being with grit that will contribute in the lives of others beyond the walls of my own home.

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