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As a parent to young children, we want them to become strong and caring adults that will one day make a difference in this world. As we approach the upcoming months of gift-giving and memory-making, it’s natural to think back upon those days shared with my own parents. Due to ongoing health difficulties with aging parents, I find ‘perspective’ rolling down my cheeks as I reflect upon this amazing gift and relationship of parent and child.

Watching over 40 years of love between my parents has been an emotional journey. As parents, they guided me, yet allowed me to make mistakes just praying that I would make good decisions in adulthood. While I often question if I’m doing enough, I know it’s always enough in my parents’ eyes. Words do no justice to the amazing, unconditional love that I see in my parent’s eyes when I drive like crazy to be by their side.

Parenting, like nothing else, exposes us to the possibility of deep suffering. I remember some of the first parenting advice when we were pregnant with our first son …“He will break your heart.” Unbeknownst to me, this did not mean, break your heart as in being cute, or wrapping me around his little finger (which both boys still manage to do). This was “break your heart” as in you are going to love this person so much that the thought of him hurting will almost drive you insane and your heart will ache over it like nothing you’ve ever felt before. What is equally baffling to me is that no one warned me about the reverse as well. It’s not that it replaces the feeling as a parent’s suffering, but as a child, watching your parent hurt digs deep into the pits of our being and rips out the soul, almost your even existence.

As we have celebrated Mother’s Day and look ahead to Father’s Day, we all have the memories that have shaped our heart and soul. Be open with your heart and your soul to your children. We are leaving a legacy and those little feet will grow into feet firmly planted on the ground to do and be great. Enjoy your celebrations and forge many memories this summer!

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