The Practice of Family Law is Seasonal, Our Choices Shouldn’t Be

The Practice of Family Law is Seasonal, Our Choices Shouldn’t Be

nelsonfamilyby Brett Nelson

I have found over the years that the practice of family law can be seasonal. During the holidays, my new business slows down a bit and I believe this occurs because people are focusing on spending quality time with their family and finding joy in the season. It seems all of life’s problems, or whatever negative aspect of their life they may have been focusing on, fades away.

This time of year naturally allows us to focus on what really matters and to see the important things clearer, and for many folks, that means finding the light in their relationships and putting off the decision to move forward with ending it. People seemingly choose to be happy.

I have written at length about the sanctity of marriage, and how important it is to find a healthy balance of give and take. It’s not an easy process, but those who choose to focus on it year-round can and have made out better in the long run. But one thing I’ve found is that – with the exception of twice a year during Thanksgiving and Christmas – we oftentimes struggle to choose that proactive path. Why? Some might say we are a busyness product of our environment. I say we are a product of
our own choices.

I am not sure of the exact statistics, but the number of times per week a family sits down together for dinner is on the decline. We either get busy with the kids’ practice schedules, our own work keeps us away from home late, or we’re too focused on the negatives to notice what we ourselves could be doing better.

Meanwhile we choose to make the most of the holidays, to take that extra time to spend with loved ones. Fences are mended and relationships are strengthened.
I suggest we choose to make improving our home life a focus throughout the year. I know in my life when our family gets too busy, we sometimes need to make the conscious choice to say no to others and yes to our family. It is hard but the positive impact on the family dynamics is immeasurable.

I’m not naive. I know there are families out there facing real problems. And I am always here to help. But who knows where we might land by the end of 2016 if we take a step back from the busy things in life and/or focusing on the negative and instead choose to be honorable, equitable and gracious throughout the year.

What I’m most passionate about in my role as a family lawyer is helping people find a common ground so that disputes can be resolved without all the collateral consequences that occur when the focus is on what “I am getting.” Or better yet, help them resolve the issues they are facing so they can go back to living their lives – together.
Sometimes it’s all a matter of choice.

Which path will you choose?

Lantana resident Brett Nelson is owner of the Nelson Law Group located at 700 Parker Square Road, Suite 145 in Flower Mound. He can be reached at 972-808-7227 or at

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