The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Numbers Don’t Lie

by Susan Neuhalfen

I was listening to Dr. Laura the other day, which I usually enjoy, but that particular day I didn’t like what she said.

A teacher called to ask what he should tell his children about world following the shootings in Las Vegas and her answer was to tell the kids that the world was (insert expletive here). Then she told him to play them a video by Keith Urban when he sang <em>Bridge Over Troubled Water</em>.

I couldn’t disagree more. Not with the Keith Urban part, his speech was moving and the song has long been one of my favorites. My problem is with her assessment of the world.

As a media buyer, I never bought commercials in radio and television shows based on emotion or what I liked. I always counted on the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. The same holds true with Las Vegas as it does with any horrific event that has happened in the history of man.

One man did this. Only one bad person was in this mix of thousands. There were first responders rendering aid; there were people shielding people they didn’t even know; there were taxi drivers putting as many people in their vehicles as possible to get them away from the danger; there were people risking their own lives just to stay and comfort people who were wounded and didn’t want to be left alone.

Sure there are bad people in the world and the media has a field day focusing on them. With the Internet it’s even worse and our kids see this constantly on their mobile devices. What they don’t see – or what isn’t obvious to them – are the numbers. The number of kind people helping perfect strangers; the number of giving people willing to do whatever is needed; and the number of heroic people risking their lives for others. They are abundant. There are millions more good people in the world than there are bad people.

So I have to respectfully disagree with Dr. Laura. The world is not an expletive. There is so much good in the world. The trick is to see it and to be it.

The numbers don’t lie.

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