Summer Guide to Oral Care

Summer Guide to Oral Care

by Dr. Matt
Owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

I was recently shopping in an attempt to gear up my family for summer. As I paraded the aisles deciding on sunscreen SPF and coast guard approved life jackets, I felt a bit out of my element and figured I could use some professional advice. As it happened, I wandered into the toothpaste aisle seeing a patron feeling the same way, and I quickly rose to the occasion to offer my own professional advice. This month, I would like to share the same information when choosing products for your own oral health.

Let’s begin with toothpaste. It certainly comes in many varieties, but there are just a few components to be aware of based on your needs. Fluoride is a key component in toothpaste that helps remineralize enamel and resist tooth decay. Fluoride content varies in amount for adult and children with children paste having less fluoride. Toothpastes for sensitivity have the compound sodium nitrate which fills the pores of teeth to prevent sensitivity. This component usually only lasts about a day, so the toothpaste must be used regularly. Some whitening toothpaste may contain harsh abrasives, so use these with caution.

When it comes to mouthwash, it is best to avoid those containing alcohol. Alcohol can dry your mouth, allowing build-up of bacteria. Instead, choose an alcohol-free rinse, and if possible, use one with fluoride. Even children at risk of tooth decay can benefit from fluoride-containing mouthwash.

Toothbrushes also come in many varieties, but electric toothbrushes have been shown to produce better brushing results. Many electric brushes now have apps that aid in brushing. Soft bristle brushes should always be the brushes of choice. Using hard bristles can result in possible tooth damage or gum recession. Remember that no matter the toothbrush, it’s not how hard you brush but how long you brush.

Finally, though they also come in many shapes and sizes, make sure you find a dentist you enjoy that shows a great appreciation for your oral health.

Enjoy your summer and happy smiling!

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