Should You Hire a Home Designer?

Should You Hire a Home Designer?

By Susan Neuhalfen

It used to be that hiring an interior decorator was an elitist thing. Today it’s just a matter of economics. Many think that hiring a designer is an expensive proposition, but when all of the factors are taken into account, a homeowner may find that it actually saves time, money and frustration.

“I had clients tell me recently that it would have taken them five years to accomplish what we did in a matter of weeks,” said Christine Blythe, Senior Creator, Designer and owner of Décor to Your Door in Highland Village. “Now they can just enjoy their home.”

The first question to ask is how much is your time worth? Not only is there time spent shopping at various stores but time spent driving to them as well. Also, with the Internet, there is a lot of time spent on sites like HOUZZ finding pieces that, once ordered, delivered and assembled, aren’t exactly what the customer was expecting.

“We create a master plan and show the client exactly what the rooms will look like,” said Christine. “Instead of getting everything piecemeal, it’s a finished product.”

As the old saying goes, time is money. So in addition to wasting time, sometimes money is wasted when you choose to decorate yourself. Christine mentioned the problem of the emotional buy. Sometimes clients will buy something they love, but it really doesn’t go with anything else. That’s when they end up with the storage closet full of things that don’t go together.

“So many people start with paint or accessories and that’s the last thing you should do,” she said. “The biggest look is never accomplished with the smallest item. It just doesn’t happen like that.”

Another mistake people make is decorating around a neutral piece.

“No one has ever committed to a piece of art after they have purchased a brown or neutral couch,” she laughed. “You don’t want to go down that road.”

Christine pointed out that when faced with so many choices, some people feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to see how customers come home with a brown leather couch, and that’s also why designers have to come in and lighten up so many rooms.

There’s no shame in lacking the confidence and ability to coordinate everything in a home. Most of the time it’s just a lack of experience, something the people at Décor to Your Door have plenty of.

Another good reason to use a designer like Christine is that she only uses American made products. Most of the big box stores sell foreign-made upholstery and other pieces.

Designers lay out their master plan with a visual of the room complete on a large screen. Clients will know what the home will look like before they even begin ordering a single piece, instead of buying on chance that their last purchase is going to make sense with this new purchase.

So when decorating or redecorating your home, do a quick analysis and figure out exactly how much you’re planning to invest. If you have all of the time and patience in the world and you love to shop, knock yourself out. Remember, you don’t decorate or redesign your home often, so there’s a good chance it will be worth the investment for you.

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