Rainy Season Info

Rainy Season Info

by PJ Kratohvil
of Complete Solutions

It feels like fall is on the way with all the rain and cooler temperatures. And I’ll take it! Make sure as we get ready for the seasonal change you are keeping an eye out around your property for things that need special attention.

In regards to your turf areas, this rain will probably promote fast growth, so weekly cutting is a must. If at all possible, cut when dry. This will lend to a cleaner, more precise cut and healthier overall lawn. Even when bagging the clippings, thicker lawns tend to leave behind some thatch so don’t let it sit there – grab a rake get it up. Over time, the thatch will settle and deter needed oxygen and nutrients from getting down into the ground and to the root system that depends on it (if you have a very thin lawn it might be a good idea to de-thatch or aerate this season).

During the rainy season, it is common to notice standing or pooling water in low areas of your property. Sometimes you can get a sand based soil blend, fill these areas up couple inches at a time to eliminate them, and sometimes these areas require addressing with a drainage system. If you’re unsure of the best solutions, it’s always best to consult a professional but definitely take action to help eliminate potential problems moving forward such as mold, fungus, mosquito breeding, etc.

We see it everyday, but don’t be the guy watering in the rain. Even if you have a rain/freeze sensor, make sure you’re paying attention to the forecast and adjusting per weather conditions, when possible. The ground can only absorb so much moisture, so be responsible with your irrigation system and ensure you are keeping run-off to a minimum.

It’s a good idea at least once a month to turn the system on TEST Mode and run through the zones ensuring your heads are providing adequate coverage and the system as a whole is operating efficiently. A lot of our run off occurs from broken pipes, drip lines, and heads that we just don’t notice because our systems are going off early in the morning and they are not checked on a regular basis.

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