Organic Produce Co-Op Comes to Lantana

Organic Produce Co-Op Comes to Lantana

by Susan Neuhalfen

Lantana now has a great source for organic produce. Lantana residents Carolyn Rachaner and Crystal Crabill have put together a way for their neighbors to have affordable, organic produce delivered right to their neighborhood.

Every two weeks, bins of organic fruits and vegetables are delivered for anyone wanting to enjoy bulk food and discounts on organic food.

“I’ve been working on and off with for 10 years now and when we moved to Lantana I started again,” said Rachaner, a nutritionist and VP of Marketing and Product Development at RBC Life. “I always find that when I’m not buying from the co-op, I slip.”

A predetermined bin of produce arrives for each customer. There are 4-5 different fruits and 9-10 different vegetables in each bin. They come from organic farms from all over and they try to get local whenever possible.

“Obviously, we don’t grow bananas in Texas so we have to get those somewhere else,” Rachaner laughs. “Having worked with this company as long as I have, I know that everything is organic and very fresh.”

Rachaner says that the fruits and vegetables that she gets through the co-op last her much longer than from the grocery store, where it’s been stored in a warehouse and then people have picked over it. The price is also less than she would pay there. The only thing that’s different is that the co-op determines exactly what fruits and vegetables will be delivered. That’s where the Facebook group comes in.

“I’ve had people ask what to do with kale or leeks and the group is always there to help with cooking tips, storage tips, and helping members to try new things,” said Rachaner. “They also post recipes so that everyone gets the most out of their membership and there are sometimes extras for swapping.”

It is a one time $25 membership fee plus the cost of your bins. A bin of fruits and vegetables are delivered to the Crabill house every two weeks at a cost of $50/bin. Members are responsible on those Saturday mornings to pick up their bin.

“It’s like a present when the kids see what they’re getting each time mom and dad bring the bin home,” said Rachaner whose own kids really enjoy the experience. “It teaches the kids about making fresh produce a part of their diet at an early age.”

For those who may just want to try a bin, sometimes there are extras available for purchase. To learn more, you can contact Carolyn at or Crystal at or join the Lantana Organic Produce Co-Op Facebook group.

“The key to health is eating more organic, fresh produce,” said Rachaner. “People can find almost every solution to their health problems in nature whether it be with organic foods or herbs. This is a great start to a healthy life and it comes with its own support group.”

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