Life Stages….Moving Up or Moving Down? Great Tips to Help You Decide

Life Stages….Moving Up or Moving Down? Great Tips to Help You Decide

One of the greatest attributes of Lantana is that it has something for everyone in nearly every stage of life from growing families to empty nesters.

Your current life stage makes a big difference on what type of home your family needs. As you are reading this article, I want you to be thinking about your life stage and about your current house. Does the space you are in currently meet your family’s needs? Maybe your house is too small and you need more space. Many people these days are finding that their house is too large and the maintenance overwhelms them. If you are thinking about selling, but unsure of what to do, here are a few things that can help:

Evaluate Your Needs
Does your current space give you joy or stress? Do you need more/less yard or want a better view or pool? Are you cramped when hosting your holiday parties?

Crunch Your Numbers
What is your current house worth in this market? A knowledgeable realtor will do a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) so you know for sure. Knowing what your house is worth can help you figure out your equity position and what options make sense.

Pay Attention
Is it a buyer or seller’s market? Either can work for you but will impact your strategy. Where are mortgage rates at and where are they headed? A 1 percent mortgage increase = 11 percent reduction in purchase price. Ask me why selling over the holidays has many advantages!

Take Action
Call a mortgage lender to figure out what you can really afford. Your realtor will have a few competitive recommendations for lenders with good rates and great service. Create a list of must haves and research homes online.

Moving can be stressful and often can cause people to wait, and wait and wait even though the process can eliminate stress in the long run. Don’t let short-term stress deter your long-term goals. Being prepared can eliminate the short-term stress and get you moving towards your next stage life stage.

Tisha’s Tips: Can’t move for another year? Consider preparing your house now. Start the purge as you pull out seasonal decor. While you have the ladder out to decorate the tree, get the old dusty greenery off of the kitchen cabinets and kiss it goodbye. Finally, get rid of all the summer clothes you didn’t wear this season as your transition your closet to fall. Starting the purge now will save you a lot of stress later.

By: Tisha White

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