Just Listen

Just Listen

While attending a recent party I found myself surrounded by “story toppers”.

It’s a Seinfeld tribute term referring to the person who can’t wait to top the story you or someone else is telling. They stopped listening after your first two sentences so they could tell their story because it’s bigger and better than yours.

Let’s be honest we’ve all done it. It’s only natural to want to talk about yourself.

This happens in business as well. I remember sitting at an event with a salesperson who spent the entire evening talking about himself. He wanted my money (or rather my client’s money) so you’d think he would have been interested in my client or how we could work together, but instead I heard all about were his crazy antics, his kids, his wife, his boat, and the list goes on.

Needless to say, I didn’t do a lot of business with him.

Anymore, listening has become a lost art. Even when you’re in conversation with someone they are constantly checking their phone, computer or people watching. Heed this advice; the next time you’re dying to tell your story just stop and listen. Listen without checking your phone. Listen without interrupting.  Listen without solving anyone’s problem. Just listen.

In this day and age when everyone is so busy being divided and not listening to one another, now would be a great time to open your mind. Don’t react. Don’t get mad. Just listen.

By being completely present for the conversation, you just might learn something about your friend or client that later leads to an incredible opportunity or adventure. Just listen.

Susan Neuhalfen

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