Helpful Tips on Mosquito Control

Helpful Tips on Mosquito Control

by Lee & Hollie Woodham,
of Mosquito Joe
Northwest DFW

Spring is upon us, and it’s finally time to start enjoying the beautiful weather outside.  With temperatures rising that also means mosquito breeding season has begun.  Once temperatures start reaching 50 degrees or more mosquitoes begin breeding.  The reason they come back each year is that their eggs can survive freezing temperatures and can live up to 5 years.  The eggs remain dormant and become active when water is present.  Mosquitoes lay up to 300 eggs, can breed in less than a capful of water and typically take 4 to 7 days to become full biting adults.  Mosquitoes can breed several times within a couple of months.  As the pattern continues and warmer weather sets in, mosquitoes multiply very quickly.  Homeowners can help reduce the population of Mosquitoes by doing the following:

  • Empty out water sources such as bird baths
  • Ensure gutters and french drains are free flowing and not clogged with leaf litter from the winter
  • Turn off sprinkler systems during heavy periods of rain to prevent overwatering
  • Fill in low lying spots in the lawn that accumulate water
  • Pick up kids toys left in the yard
  • Keep lids on trash cans and turn over wheelbarrows and lawn equipment left outside

This may seem time intensive, but is key to prevention and can make huge differences in your outdoor enjoyment.

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