Healthy from the Inside Out

Healthy from the Inside Out

by Susan Neuhalfen

Dr. Bradley Axline loves being a doctor. With over 20 years of experience as an OB/GYN he has delivered over 5,000 babies and now he’s started delivering the next generation of babies with the same level of care and expertise that he gave to their mothers.

“Not only is he a great doctor, he has built lifelong relationships with his patients,” said Meredith Axline, who, in addition to being his wife has been a registered nurse over 20 years. “He really cares about people and their overall health.”

One of the things that Dr. Axline has noticed over the years is that most women don’t have a primary care physician or an internist they see every year. They only go to the OB/GYN and occasionally the urgent care for a sinus infection. He believes that people should be concerned with their overall health so he decided to expand his practice to help his patients.

“They are already coming here for their annual check up, so I have expanded on my annual exams to offer a variety of screenings and tests. These are things that, if left unchecked, may drastically affect a patient’s overall health,” said Dr. Axline. “If I’m not talking to them about screening for colon cancer, I’m not doing my best for my patients.”

Dr. Axline emphasized that while the annual exam is important, concerns such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular health need to be addressed as well.

“If you’re overweight and you want help, we can put together a plan to get you to a healthy weight,” said Dr. Axline. “If you smoke and want to stop, we want to help you.”

Unlike many multi-provider practices, Dr. Axline performs all of the exams himself and spends whatever time it takes with each patient to ensure that he has addressed all of their concerns. He left a large practice and branched out on his own for that very reason. It’s important to him that every patient get the time and level of care needed for each appointment.

Dr. Axline recently had one patient who was young enough that she didn’t have significant health concerns, but she was 313 pounds and recently engaged. She wanted help getting the weight off safely so Dr. Axline started by putting her on the HCG diet. In 40 days she lost 45 pounds and her labs, which included high cholesterol and blood pressure readings, were into a normal range. Dr. Axline emphasized that this was only the first step and then he helped her develop a plan for her lifestyle change.

He also recently treated a Marine veteran suffering from PTSD. The man was 100 pounds overweight, suffering from depression, was on multiple medications due to high cholesterol and showing signs of being pre-diabetic. He is now down about 80 pounds now and Dr. Axline helped to tweak his testosterone and hormone levels, his lab results look great and he feels great.

“The most amazing change, though, is in his personality,” said Meredith Axline, RN. “He’s like a completely different person, his attitude is so positive.”

His office is also now offering CoolSculpting, the only FDA cleared device to permanently freeze fat and eliminate it without the need for surgery. Unlike some spas that offer CoolSculpting, it is performed by a registered nurse and overseen by Dr. Axline personally.

He is also only one of a few doctors in the state of Texas trained to work with a vascular stenographer to measure arterial health. This is the most innovative cardiovascular health scan available.

“During well woman exams, if we find a patient is at high risk we would get them certified/approved with insurance to get the testing done,” said Dr. Axline.

Patients at Dr. Axline’s practice love the whole staff experience that they receive and they know the staff well because most have been with him for so many years. From the time they are greeted at the front desk to the time they leave, the staff at Dr. Axline’s office makes sure they have received a level of care and expertise that
is unparalleled.

Another aspect to the practice is the control Dr. Axline gives his patients with their own care. For labor and delivery, he explains the many options available, but leaves those options up to the patient to decide.

“Unless the situation was life-threatening, I would never insist that a patient get a C-section,” said Dr. Axline. “I make sure to educate the patients on their options and then let them decide.”

Due to popular demand, Dr. Axline has also added skin care and other aesthetic services to his practice. He and his staff use the latest methods and technology to help patients improve their outward appearance through Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, Voluma. He also offers Skin Pen microneedling, skin peels, and medical grade skin care products, all performed by a Registered Nurse who is a Certified Cosmetic Skincare and Injection Specialist.

The most important thing to Dr. Axline, though, is making sure that his patients take care of their whole health.

“Women especially are so busy taking care of everyone but themselves,” points out Dr. Axline. “We’re trying to make it easier for them to reach optimum health and happiness in their lives.”

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