Evolving with Authenticity

Evolving with Authenticity

by Steve Gamel

Those who know Cassandra Homer best would tell you she’s never been afraid to pull the trigger on any major decision in her life. She is intentional with everything and insists on growing and evolving every day as a wife, mother, and small-business owner, to the point where even a brand-new client can sense that same air of confidence.

But Cassandra admitted recently in an interview with Lantana Living that even she paused ever so slightly when  considering the risks of leaving the No. 1 real estate franchise in the nation to start her agency, Cassandra & Co. “I pull the trigger, and the kickback is me going, ‘Was that the right move?’” Cassandra, a Lantana resident, said with one of her trademark giggles. “I wondered if I’d come in the next morning and everyone’s keys would be on the desk, and I’d have angry emails from sellers. But everyone was fine. And so was I.” She added, “I never want to stop growing, And if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.”

Everyone has embraced her decision to go from franchisee to business owner because no matter whose name and branding was previously on the outside of the building, or at the top of the paperwork, clients and teammates knew they’d still have Cassandra in their corner working just as hard for them. Since 2013, what has mattered most to hundreds of buyers, sellers, and leasers across Denton County was that Cassandra Homer’s name was attached to their transaction. They knew they had a trusted partner, friend, mentor, and coach to help them make sense of the real estate market, and she’s always delivered an unmatched level of commitment to the community as well as a consistent understanding of the individual needs of her clients.

Then there’s her bubbly and engaging personality, which draws everyone in like a tractor beam. “I’m like this all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s my grandmother, my husband, or clients,” Cassandra said. “Authenticity is big to me, so I always say don’t fake the funk. I really do enjoy what I do. We came back from an amazing family vacation, and the first thing I did was hug my assistant, Lexi, and tell her how happy I was that I was back.”

Cassandra & Co., which has been going full-force since March, is a mirror image of Cassandra’s love and commitment to what she does for a living. Not that her previous partnership was bad; in fact, it was an amazing experience as she quickly cut her teeth in a competitive industry. But now she doesn’t have anyone outside of her own team telling her how to service clients or run her business. She can put her own stamp on everything from ideas on growth and what steps they can take to make the clients’ life easier to how she goes about training and developing her team.

Her firm is different from the traditional brokerage in that she doesn’t treat her agents as solo agents. Instead, they share in the success of the company and how they approach taking care of their clients. Her hope is that approach will allow them all to flourish and lead to even more happy clients. In many ways, having more control over running a business has been the only piece that’s been missing over the years.

“I think there is a comfort level and unwillingness to grow and evolve that comes with being at the top for as long as the previous company has been,” Cassandra said. “I want to grow and evolve every single day, and there’s something to be said for having more control over the output. Creativity wise, I get to do what I want. We’re having a lot more fun doing that, and the best part is we’re still busting our butts for the client.”

Behind it all is a small-town girl who is as authentic as they come. She moved out of her parent’s house with 88 dollars in her pocket to chase her dream of being in real estate. She worked her way up the ladder and even became a successful business coach along the way. Somehow, she balances all of that with being a devoted wife while also living vicariously through her two-year-old daughter, Sloane. Cassandra and her husband are expecting a baby boy after Thanksgiving.

“This all happened so quickly, but I love my life, and I’m happy with me,” Cassandra said. “I’m excited for whatever happens next.”

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