Don’t Pay Twice

Don’t Pay Twice

Don’t Pay Twice

by PJ Kratohvil
of Complete Solutions

With the “boom” in construction over the last couple of years and the flood of contractors in the area, we see so many scenarios where people have spent a lot of money on specific projects. That list includes things like a pool with one company, a patio with another company, and a landscape installation with yet another – all failing to keep in mind the big picture. We all try so hard to stretch our dollars as far as possible, using who offers the best price. Many times we will do things in phases because breaking it down allows us to get what we want over time as the budget allows. What we want to remind you of this month is that when phasing projects out, don’t forget the big picture, There is nothing worse than getting that patio finished realizing there’s not enough space for the pool or vice versa. If you decide to get the landscaping knocked out before the other projects, sure it can be manipulated, but why pay twice?

As with many visions things change and ideas can morph as progress is made. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you have to pay to redo things as the various phases of the project rollout. One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to bring on a designer upfront, put together a master plan, and ensure it gets carried out accurately. If things change along the way (and they will), look down the road and see how those changes are going to affect the next phase or final product. We understand everyone can’t afford to use a larger company that will have people specializing in different aspects and a project management team that will oversee the progression, but there are plenty of small businesses that are more than capable of following a set of plans. Be prepared to pay for these plans but also I understand it will save you money in the long run.

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