Do You Really Need Protein Shakes

Do You Really Need Protein Shakes

by Susan Neuhalfen

We all have protein powder in our pantry. Some use it daily while others use it a few times a week or less. The question is, do people really need to supplement their diet with a protein shake?

With the paleo and low carb diets, the popularity of proteins has gone through the roof. The recommended daily allowance for proteins is .36g per pound of bodyweight. This is for those not active and not looking to gain muscle mass or lose fat. This is the bare minimum requirement.

For athletes who work out 12 hours or more per week it is recommended to keep protein just below 1g per 1 pound of body weight (closer to 1 for men and less for women).

The truth is, most people can get what they need in terms of proteins from the foods in their diets. The key is to eat lean proteins such as lean beef, turkey, chicken and fish, and dairy products such as cheese. To put it in perspective, one chicken breast contains about 30 grams of protein. Some protein shakes have as much as 80 grams of protein per serving.

So what is the answer? Protein shakes are fine for meal replacement, but use the powder in meals to get what you need without the added calories. For example, add it to oatmeal, waffles (using powder in place of flour) or even coffee for a filling treat.

Just remember to properly balance nutrition. Protein is a nutrient. If you’re eating meat to get more protein, remember that you may also be ingesting salt, fat and a lot of calories. Make certain to balance the protein with fats and carbs for proper nutrition.

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