Control vs. Controlling You

Control vs. Controlling You

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by Kathryn Flores
Community Relations and Advertising Consultant

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

I recently got into a discussion that led me down the path of trying to understand the big difference between intuition and instinct.

After reading and researching, I found that instinct is something we don’t have a conscious choice about…it kind of controls us. We react whether we want to or not. Intuition is a feeling, a hunch, a gut-check that makes one reaction seem more attractive than the other: a choice to take control.

‘Instinct’ comes from the word ‘impulse,’ indicating a body response to make one choice over another. Whereas ‘intuition’ is based off ‘consideration’, a belief or thought process that we subconsciously choose the most desirable outcome.

Intuition allows us to recognize when to run from danger, or the “flight or fight” response. As mothers know, when there is something off with our children, it is our sixth sense that we line up behind the other five. It’s said that women may have a stronger ability to make a successful intuitive decision because of their exceptional skills in reading people. I have to agree! Self-awareness is the foundation of these differences. For me, when doubt creeps in, I lose the instinct and intuition to do what is best because doubt becomes the power. Doubt for me is when ‘what’s right’ can touch both sides of the dilemma at the same time and I’m instantly stuck.

I believe there are just certain feelings we follow without concrete reasoning and others we lean towards. They allow us to know without asking how to get a fussy baby to sleep…it’s just something you do automatically without thinking—instinct.

For me, the really interesting part of this self-assessment came recently when I leaned into my “mother’s intuition”. I knew my son was not only hurt, he was injured. It was that nudge inside of me that knows me, perhaps an inner wisdom that forged ahead to seek guidance. Sure, I can be overprotective and will go to bat for my children, but this was just a hunch, a gut-feeling that I had no way of knowing which was right. In my case, my intuition was, unfortunately, right.

So my suggestion is to do a bit of self-reflection…realize and relate to the inner voice, trust your gut and choose to act verses react to a situation. Once you are in control, the other controls you! Allow yourself to only be controlled by the voice of your faith, honor it with courage and commit to it endlessly.

Until next month…

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