Bobcats Spotted in Lantana

Bobcats Spotted in Lantana

Keep an eye on your pets and small children when playing outside. A bobcat has been spotted near homes by several residents. Dave Kershen even managed to take a video of it prowling around. He said the cat was, “taking a serious interest in a neighbors poodle before a larger dog came out and scared it away.” Remember, if you spot one, keep your distance, DO NOT RUN, and if possible, make your way inside until it decides to leave.  (see page 19 for a wildlife event near you)

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  1. Hudson
    Hudson 21 February, 2019, 14:17

    why do bobcats live in Lantana
    were they here before us or the other way around
    and is the population of these bobcats in Lantana growing

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