7 Reasons Why I Love to Blog

7 Reasons Why I Love to Blog

by Steve Gamel
Edit This

I had the amazing opportunity to be on a Facebook Live chat last week with the great folks at Distillery Creative. In that conversation, we focused on blogs – why it’s important to blog, what the results are to your Search Engine Optimization when you blog consistently, and how to get the whole blog process started.

You can check out that video on my Facebook page for Edit This. The experience got me thinking about all the reasons why I love my blog. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Blogs help me connect with readers – This is the most rewarding reason. I love when readers respond to posts, send messages on social media, or pull me aside to talk about something I wrote. It’s about building rapport and creating authentic relationships.
  2. I can write whatever I want – Your blog should serve a purpose and provide valuable content for readers, but it’s also YOUR blog. It can act as a diary, a teaching tool, or a platform to share ideas. No one is in my ear telling me what to write about.
  3. I’ve become a better writer – As I write more often, I find new and creative ways to tell a story – for myself and my clients. Blogging gives me the ability to write about a variety of topics and do it concisely and with a conversational style.
  4. I can help educate my readers – To take this reason a step further, it gives me a chance to establish myself as an authority. I love educating and inspiring readers in writing and editing.
  5. Blogging helps grow my business – I used to be so busy with my clients’ blogs that I didn’t bother to write my own. Now that I have my own blog, my business has a voice, I’m top of mind, I have shareable content that potential customers can use to catch a glimpse of my writing style, and I’m generating new business.
  6. Blogging gives my website a purpose – Like we discussed in the video, a website that is not constantly updated with value-added content (i.e. blogs) won’t have a stellar Google ranking. Blogging alone has helped people find me in Google searches.
  7. Blogging keeps me organized – Blogging requires time and discipline. I have always been an organized person, but having my own blog forces me to be even more intentional with how I prepare and research each week as a professional writer.

    Thanks for reading! If you have been thinking about starting a blog for your business, or you’ve started one but don’t quite have the time to devote to it, give Edit This a call. We can help bring your blog posts to life and give your business the voice it deserves.

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