4 Rules for Back to School Fidgets

4 Rules for Back to School Fidgets

by Christy Graham LPC
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Fidgets! These spinning, winding, clicking toys are all the rage! Fidgets keep your brain focused by stimulating it at the optimal level for learning, used correctly and in thoughtful ways.

As a play therapist for many years, I use toys and games to teach and learn all the time.
The best fidgets fit the four guidelines listed and many have been around for years: worry stones, clicky pens, nuts and bolts, and a few others. For ideas on what fidgets are out there that I’ve found helpful, go to my blog on acorncounseling.services. Fidget spinners and cubes should be reserved for those whose mental health professionals specifically recommend them [except as really great toys]. As always, check with your school before sending anything.

Christy Graham provides training for parents, child care workers, and therapists who work with children. Her 17 years of experience with children and families allows her to teach evidence-based approaches to life’s biggest challenges. Call 940.222.8703 to talk!

  1. Fidgets should not be distracting. If you need to see the fidget and/or if you can hear the fidget, it is too distracting. Schools are beginning to require a medical reason for these fidgets as they are becoming a distraction to learning instead of an aid.
  2. Fidgets should fit in your pocket. Obviously, a person who needs a fidget to focus will need it throughout the day, particularly when stressed. Keeping it in your pocket allows easy access and can even be used while IN the pocket.
  3. Fidgets should be tough. People who use them, use them ALL THE TIME. If it is easily broken, you can’t depend on it.
  4. Fidgets have to be intriguing. If you aren’t interested, you won’t use it.

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